What Are Some Memorable Sports Mishaps?


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Some memorable sports mishaps include Ken Griffey Jr.’s pinched testicle due to a misplaced protective cup and Tony Allen’s torn ACL following an illegal, unnecessary slam dunk. These unconventional injuries show star athletes to be just as fallible as fans.

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Baseball star Ken Griffey Jr. was a top player during the 1990s, but his reputation began to decline during the 2000s, partially due to a range of uncommon injuries that caused him to miss games and underperform. By 2006, Griffey Jr. had already been the butt of jokes following a hand injury sustained while wrestling with his son on the family’s private yacht, but the most embarrassing injury was yet to come. Griffey Jr.’s protective cup pinched one of his testicles during a ballgame, causing him to miss the next game due to injury.

NBA player Tony Allen was on the Boston Celtics in 2007, and in a game against the Indiana Pacers he demonstrated the perils of showing off. Allen drew a foul right around three-point range, but rather than stopping to take his free throws, he continued to drive to the basket. The opposing Pacers stood by and let Allen perform a theatrical dunk, which actually bounced off the rim of the basket. More embarrassing than the failed dunk, however, was Allen’s unsuccessful landing, which tore his ACL.

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