What Member Services Does the NRA Offer?

What Member Services Does the NRA Offer?

The National Rifle Association provides services, discounts and benefits to its members. Adult and youth memberships are available, and there are annual and lifetime subscription options.

NRA members receive identification cards that show their status as annual or life members as well as duffel bags and a decal. Periodicals available to regular members include American Rifleman, American Hunter or America's 1st Freedom. Junior members receive the Insights magazine.

Members receive a $10,000 accidental death or dismemberment policy. Coverage includes injuries or death suffered while hunting or while traveling to or attending NRA events. The coverage increases to $25,000 for law enforcement officers who are members and are killed while on duty. Theft and damage to weapons, including bows and arrows, is covered by a $2,500 policy.

NRA-endorsed insurance companies also offer private policies to members. Options include life, health, accident, property and liability insurance. NRA members can receive discounts for orders of wine, cigars, Christmas cards and DVDs from the NRA's Video Collection.

Discounts also are available for travel, health, financial services and online shopping through NRA-licensed companies.

The NRA issues news about issues or legislation, at all government levels, that could affect members' Second Amendment rights to own and use weapons.