What Are Some of the Materials Needed to Make Homemade Tannerite?


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Making homemade Tannerite requires ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, blenders, an open space with no open flames and several large containers. As of 2015, it may be difficult to find ammonium nitrate in bulk; some choose to use cold packs that include it as an ingredient.

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The simple recipe for Tannerite requires 95 percent ammonium nitrate and 5 percent aluminum powder. The first step involves blending ammonium nitrate crystals into a fine powder. Ammonium nitrate can be retrieved from cold packs by cutting them open while avoiding the water sack inside.This action must be done in an open space with plenty of ventilation and away from any open flames. Once blended, the mixture should be stored in sealed containers. If clumping occurs during storage, the clumps can be broken up using gloved hands or by blending.

The next step involves grinding aluminum powder into a fine powder using a separate blender and storing the final product in a separate sealed container. Creating the Tannerite involves weighing each ingredient in the appropriate portions, combining them into a large container, closing the container and shaking the mixture thoroughly. It's vital to adhere to state and federal laws when working with any type of explosive materials.

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