How Do You Get a Maryland Fishing License?

How Do You Get a Maryland Fishing License?

Maryland fishing licenses can be purchased by phone, by mail or in person from sport license agents. The most convenient method is to purchase a license online, as it is immediate and can be done any time.

  1. Gather all the needed information

    Fishing licenses don't require a lot of personal information, but there are a few mandatory items to make sure you have on hand before applying. Your social security number, Maryland driver's license (or state photo identification) number and a digital signature file are all needed to complete the online application. You also need a valid email address and access to a printer for immediate digital access to the license.

  2. Create an account at the state Compass portal

    If you don't already have a Maryland Compass account, you need to complete a five-step enrollment process. If you've purchased a license in previous years, but not through Compass, you can log in using your date of birth and either the previous license number or your driver's license number.

  3. Complete the online application

    Non-tidal licenses for the entirety of the current year are $20.50 for state residents. Seven-day non-tidal licenses are $7.50. Trout stamps are $5.00 for residents. Once the application is complete and the license is paid for, a PDF image of the license will be delivered within 30 minutes if a valid email address was provided.