What Are Some Martial Arts Techniques?


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Martial arts techniques include blocks, strikes, footwork, stances, submissions, takedowns and throws. Martial arts techniques are effective self-defense methods used for protection. Blocks are used to prevent an opponent from striking. Footwork is an underrated technique that is required for an effective defense, and it allows a martial artist to move properly to avoid strikes.

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Striking is one of the most important aspects of martial arts. This technique is commonly referred as the stand-up offensive game. These techniques include knees, punches, elbows, kicks and head-butts. Strikes are also useful in ground fighting. Submissions are a martial arts technique that uses choke holds and joint locks to subdue an opponent. Submissions are typically performed on the ground. The purpose of this technique is to cause the opponent to submit, or give-in. Submission is a technique that can cause serious damage if the opponent refuses to submit. Takedowns are a technique used in martial arts to take an opponent down to the ground, and they are useful techniques that allow a martial artist to use the opponent’s strength against them. This technique incorporates different wrestling moves that include throws, single- and double-leg takedowns. Throws consist of takedowns that are used more for defensive purposes.

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