How Many Times Has Fred Couples Been Married?

Fred Couples was married twice, first to Deborah Couples and then to Thais Baker Couples, as of May 2015. He was also known to have dated Midge Trammell, who used to caddy for Couples and Nadine Moze. Couples is an American pro golfer who has won 57 professional golf tournaments, as of May 2015, including the Masters in 1992.

Fred Couples first met Deborah at the University of Houston in 1979 and they would marry 2 years later in 1981. Couples was a struggling pro prior to their marriage, but his career as a golfer took off after the marriage. His success also meant that money would start rolling in, which was rumored to contribute to the issues in their marriage. The couple divorced in 1992 citing an affair that Fred Couples was involved in. Deborah died tragically in a suicide where she jumped off a 70-story building in 2001.

In 1998, Fred Couples married Thais Baker, who had two kids, Gigi and Oliver, from a previous relationship. Just like Couples's first marriage, his marriage to Thais Baker was rocky, which saw them separating for a while, before Couples took time off from golf to concentrate on being a husband. Thais Baker Couples passed away in their home in 2008 due to breast cancer.