How Many Times Have the Chargers Beat the Raiders?

many-times-chargers-beat-raiders Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers have beaten the Oakland Raiders 48 times during the course of the two NFL franchises' histories. The Raiders have a winning record against Chargers, having beaten the San Diego team 58 times. The two teams have also tied twice.

Because the Chargers and the Raiders both play in the AFC West, the two teams have gone against each other in a few head-to-head contests. The Raiders' 58 victories over the Chargers is the Raiders' second-highest number of victories against any one team. The Raiders have 59 victories against the Denver Broncos. The 48 wins against the Raiders comprise the Chargers' third-highest number of wins against any team (54 against the Kansas City Chiefs, 49 against the Denver Broncos).