How Many Timeouts Are There in a Basketball Game?

many-timeouts-basketball-game Credit: Robert W. Stowell Jr./Archive Photos/Getty Images

High school teams are each permitted five timeouts each game, while college rules give five or six timeouts per team, and NBA rules grant eight timeouts to each team. The duration of these breaks varies between the levels of play.

Three of the timeouts at the high school level are 60-second breaks, while two last for 30 seconds. NCAA rules give each team four 75-second timeouts, with the remaining two lasting 30 seconds. However, in college games covered by electronic media, media timeouts automatically come at the first stoppage of play under the 16-, 12-, 8- and 4-minute marks of each half. In such contests, each team is granted one 60-second timeout and four 30-second timeouts. Per NBA rules, six of the eight timeouts are for 60 seconds, while the remaining two are 30 seconds.