How Many Rows Are There in Doak Campbell Stadium?

many-rows-doak-campbell-stadium Credit: Jeff Gammons/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Tallahassee's Doak Campbell Stadium reaches a maximum of 86 rows along the sidelines in Sections 4 through 16 and 27 through 39. Seating in the North end zone reaches 42 rows, while the South end zone includes a total of 81 rows, divided among three sections.

Home to the Florida State Seminoles, Doak Campbell Stadium opened in 1950 and has undergone numerous renovations since, boasting a total seating capacity of at least 82,300. The playing surface is named 'Bobby Bowden Field,' in honor of the legendary Seminoles coach who captained the program to more than 300 victories, including the 1993 and 1999 National Championships.