How Many Players Have Won Both NCAA and NBA Championships?

many-players-won-ncaa-nba-championships Credit: Anthony Barboza/Archive Photos/Getty Images

As of 2012, only 40 male basketball players have ever won both the collegiate and professional national basketball championships in the United States, according to Complex magazine. These men include some players from basketball's early days, such as Cliff Hagan, who was on the NCAA championship winning team in 1951 and with the NBA champion St. Louis Hawks in 1958.

More recent athletes who have won both of basketball's top honors include Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Mario Chalmers, Corey Brewer, Isaiah Thomas and Derek Anderson. There is an even more exclusive club of basketball players who have won both titles in addition to winning an Olympic gold medal in basketball. This elite group includes Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and very few other players.