How Many Players Are There on a Softball Team?

Similar to baseball, there are generally nine players that compete on one side in a softball game. There are some cases, however, where a team may have as many as 10 fielders, as when a roamer or fourth outfielder is used, and as many as 11 batters. If 11 batters are used, only 10 of those players can play in the field.

Although there are some differences, softball is played much in the same way as baseball is played. Except in the case of an extra fielder, the positions are the same, and outs and hits are made in the same manner. Some softball is played where the ball is pitched underhand and there are also variances between fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball.

On defense, the players occupy nine positions, including the pitcher. In the infield, there are six positions: pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, third base and shortstop. In the outfield, there are three positions: left field, right field and center field. In youth leagues or slow-pitch softball, there is an extra fielder.

On offense, the nine players bat in a pre-specified order. Some softball organizations allow teams to use a designated hitter. That means that a player who isn't on the defensive team may bat in place of the pitcher.