How Many People Around the World Play Football?

According to the findings of FIFA's 2006 "Big Count," approximately 265 million people play football, along with five million referees and officials. The total number of 270 million people who are actively involved in the sport accounts for four per cent of the global human population.

The survey was conducted among all 207 of FIFA's member associations. The figures include both registered and unregistered players, as well as both males and females.

The country with the most football players was China, with 26,166,335. The USA had the second highest number, at 24,472,778, followed by India (20,587,900), Germany (16,308,946) and Brazil (13,197,733).

The country with the least amount of players was the diminutive Caribbean island of Montserrat, with just 700 (and only 6 officials).