How Many Miles Do You Run in a Basketball Game?

According to data from STATS, a global leader in the gathering and dissemination of sports information, it is possible for a basketball player to average around 2.72 miles per game. This number depends how much play time a person gets during a game and what position an individual is playing.

STATS collects statistics on athletes in a variety of sports using their ground-breaking tracking system called SportVU. Blair O’Donovan, a top strength and conditioning coach who has worked with high school, college and professional athletes, once used a sports watch GPS to informally track high school players. His experiment led him to conclude that the young men he clocked ran anywhere from 4.02 to 5.7 miles in a single game. However, in light of SportVU’s more advanced, detailed motion tracking capabilities, distances in the neighborhood of five miles are today being classified as little more than old wives’ tales.