How Many Goals Has Cristiano Ronaldo Scored for Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 202 goals for Real Madrid, as of December 2014. Ronaldo has played six seasons for Real Madrid in a total of 179 matches, attaining an average of more than one goal per game.

For one season from 2002 to 2003, Ronaldo played for the Sporting Clube de Portugal in the Premier League, where he scored three goals in 25 matches. He played for the Premier League's Manchester United from 2003 to 2009, scoring 84 goals in 196 appearances. In addition to Real Madrid, Ronaldo is a member of the Portuguese National Team, where he has scored 52 goals in 118 matches. Besides the Premier League, Ronaldo has scored goals during play in the Football Association Challenge Cup, League Cup, European Championship and several international club matches.