How Many Concessions Are Sold During Daytona 500 Weekend?

many-concessions-sold-during-daytona-500-weekend Credit: Carlo A/Moment/Getty Images

Daytona 500 race spectators consume a lot of food and drink during Speedweeks and on race weekend, including almost 30,000 feet of hot dogs. Other concessions sold include about 80,000 bottles of plain drinking water and 84,000 cups or bottles of soft drinks.

Other than about 28,000 feet of hot dogs, NASCAR fans who attend the Daytona 500 festivities buy about 50,000 hamburgers. Snack items sold include about 25,000 soft pretzels and 25,000 orders of French fries. This is all in addition to any alcoholic beverages race viewers might buy. In addition to a sporting event, the Daytona 500 is also a major commercial event for food vendors.