How Do You Make Throwing Axes?


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Making a throwing axe involves cutting a steel head, sharpening its leading edge and attaching it to a wooden handle. This procedure takes about two hours and requires a permanent marker, a piece of 1/4-inch steel plate, a 3/4-inch gauge metal pipe, safety goggles, a heavy shop apron, a grinder with a metal-cutting disc, a sharpening stone, a file, safety gloves, a welding mask and a welding torch.

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  1. Cut the head

    Use the permanent marker to trace the axe head design onto the steel plate. Put on safety goggles and heavy gloves. Cut out the head with a grinder fitted with a metal-cutting disc.

  2. Sharpen the blade

    Hone the blade with a sharpening stone and file. Bevel both sides of the blade.

  3. Cut the handle

    Cut the steel pipe to the same approximate length as your forearm. The ideal length for a throwing axe handle is between 16 and 21 inches.

  4. Weld the head to the handle

    Don a welding mask, safety gloves and a heavy shop apron. Weld the handle to the rear of the blade. Let the axe cool for 10 minutes, and then test it with your hand. If it is still hot, wait another 10 minutes.

  5. Eliminate burrs

    Search the axe for burrs, and file them until they disappear.

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