How Do You Make a Tetherball Set?


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To make a tetherball set, dig a hole, pour cement, mount the pole, fill with the remaining cement, and attach the tetherball. You need a 12-foot-long metal pole, a tetherball, a post hole digger, cement mix and a level.

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  1. Dig a hole

    Dig a 2-feet deep hole. Use the post hole digger for this step. Try to keep the hole from becoming too wide as you dig. Ensure that there is a safe distance between your tether pole and any buildings, obstacles or walls.

  2. Mix and pour the cement

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the cement mix packaging. Once mixed properly, fill the hole about halfway.

  3. Set the pole

    Place the pole into the cement before it dries. Use a level to make sure that the pole is as straight as possible. Once the pole is in place, pour the remaining cement until it is level with the ground.

  4. Install braces

    Set up a wooden brace system to keep the pole perfectly straight while the cement sets.

  5. Attach the ball

    Using a mounting clip, attach the tetherball rope to the top of the pole. Attach the clip, and then attach the rope. Be sure the rope is at desired height, not too close to the ground or too close to hit anything in surrounding areas.

  6. Level the ground

    Makes sure the ground is level in the playing area.

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