How Do You Make Stink Bait?

How Do You Make Stink Bait?

To make homemade stink bait, mix spoiled raw ground beef and chicken livers with softened cheese, garlic and smoked oysters in a large bucket. Cover the bucket, and place it in the hot sun for at least a week, stirring it every day.

The smell of stink bait is putrid to humans, but it attracts catfish. When making stink bait, keep it away from children or pets to avoid exposure to rotten meat.

During the warm season, place 1 pound of raw ground beef mixed with raw chicken livers in a 5-gallon bucket. Set the bucket outside in the sun for three days, and then add a pound of softened Velveeta cheese. Add garlic and smoked oysters, and then mix it thoroughly. Cover the bucket, and stir it every day for up to two weeks.

The content ferments, swells and produces gas. When the pressure from the gas increases only slightly, ladle the mix into mason jars and store until ready to use.

Alternatively, add a thickener such as flour, bran flakes or cornmeal to help hold the bait together. Mix the thickener with the rest of the ingredients in a blender or food processor. When ready to fish, use a looper rig to hold the stink bait rolled into small balls.