How Do You Make Shooting Sticks?


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To create your own shooting stick, you need two fiberglass fence posts, a permanent marker, four castrating bands, camouflage tape and sports grip tape. From marking your posts to fastening them in place, the entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

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  1. Mark and tape your fence posts

    Starting at the flat ends of the fence posts, measure 6 to 8 inches down, and mark the spots with a permanent marker. Cut two pieces of camouflage tape so that they are big enough to completely cover the lower ends of the fence posts, and roll each fence post over the tape to apply.

  2. Attach castrating bands to fence posts

    Hold the fence posts together so that they are parallel to one another. Place three castrating bands over both of the fence posts. Starting at the pointed ends, place the bands just before the flat ends.

  3. Create the spacer hinge

    Place another castrating band on one of the fence posts where the other three bands are located. Hold the fence posts so that the three bands are positioned horizontally. Pull the single band between both of the fence posts, and vertically overlap the other three bands.

  4. Fasten the bands in place

    Pull the single castrating band down to where the taped portion of the fence post begins. Secure by wrapping sports tape around the remaining portion of the fence posts.

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