How Do I Make a Shooting Bench?

How Do I Make a Shooting Bench?

Ensure that you have all the necessary materials. The shooting bench is anchored into the ground for stability. Ensure to have a stable top and firm anchorage by backfilling around the posts with concrete. Follow these simple steps, and enjoy your shooting game.

  1. Collect the materials

    Collect enough materials to support your project. The material must cover the frame, top of the bench and the legs. Shooting bench tops can be made using table tops found in supply stores. Ensure that you have decking boards and deck screws with the right measurement. Some of the necessary tools include a circular saw, screw gun, tape measure, pencil, post hole digger, square and ramp for edges. Additional tools are eye/ear protection, shovel and level.

  2. Build a frame

    Measure out the right dimensions and start building the frame. The frame must accommodate the weight of the bench top and the guns being used. Attach the legs, front brace and blocking pad. Let the front brace face to the right if the shooting bench for both left- and right-handed people.

  3. Attach the table top and seat support

    Flip the bench over and carefully screw down the table-top. Position the top where it balances well. The alignment keeps the feet out of the shooter's way. Attach the seat legs, seat support and the front brace to the rear leg. Attach the seat top and apply the finishing of your choice.