How Do I Make a Sand Flea Rake?

An apparatus that functions similarly to a sand flea rake can be easily made with a bucket and a drill. Once completed, sand that harbors sand fleas can be dug up with a shovel and filtered through the device, leaving the crustaceans free for picking.

  1. Obtain a bucket

    A plastic bucket is affordable and easy to drill through. A 5-gallon bucket is ideal, although any size should work.

  2. Drill holes

    Drill holes into the bottom of the bucket as well as the lower sides. Holes drilled by a 1/2-inch bit are large enough to expel sand and water but small enough to prevent the sand fleas from escaping. Drill enough holes so that water and sand does not accumulate. Too many holes can threaten the structural integrity of the bucket and cause it to collapse.

  3. Dig sand up

    Once the bucket is complete, dig up sand using an ordinary shovel, and place the sand into the container. Two or three loads of sand are enough to sift through for sand fleas.

  4. Rinse the bucket in water

    Once the bucket has enough sand, take it to the edge of the water, and rinse. This action removes the sand and leaves behind the sand fleas. About a foot of water is required.