How Do You Make a Printable Basketball Stat Sheet?


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There are countless ways to format a basketball stat sheet, but you can create an intuitive, easy-to-use stat sheet using Microsoft Excel. Stat sheets allow basketball coaches to evaluate the effectiveness of their players following games.

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In nearly all levels of competitive basketball, coaches use stat sheets to track their players' achievements in individual games and progress over time. These stat sheets record important statistics such as points, assists, steals, blocked shots and offensive and defensive rebounds.

One effective way to format a basketball stat sheet through Microsoft Excel is to use vertical column labels for the different statistics and horizontal rows for each individual player. Put the player's jersey number in the first column and his amount of personal fouls in the second. The remaining column titles should include two-pointers, three-pointers, free throws, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, in some order.

One efficient method is to write numbers (1-10 for three-pointers, steals, assists and blocks; 1-20 for two-pointers, rebounds and free throws) in outlined boxes in the cells beneath the column titles. This way, as the game is quickly unfolding, the scorekeeper can put checks through the numbers rather than writing each number by hand. Differentiate between made and missed shots and offensive and defensive rebounds by alternating between a O and an X.

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