How Do You Make Your Own Muskie Lures?


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According to Trails.com, muskie lures are made by attaching stainless-steel spring wire to a hook and adorning the hook with loosely set beads, which attract the fish.

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How Do You Make Your Own Muskie Lures?
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With a pair of pliers, guide the end of the wire through the eye of the fish hook, and bend the wire into a "u" shape. Loop the wire around three times. Slide a rubber skirt down over the wire to conceal the hook. Rubber skirts come in a variety of colors and have the look and feel of a living creature, which attracts the fish, explains Jann's Netcraft. Plastic or glass beads, which also help lure in the muskies, are slid down the wire and positioned above the skirt. A metal weight is placed after the beads. The u-shaped wire is inserted through the spinner-blade hole. The spinner blade, as its name indicates, spins around underwater as another attractant for the fish. Another bead and loop are added to the main loop for the fishing line to attach to. Be sure the beads and metal weights are tied loosely so that, while the lure is underwater, it does not move stiffly, but freely to resemble the prey muskies find in their natural habitat.

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