How Do You Make a Military Style Ghillie Suit?

How Do You Make a Military Style Ghillie Suit?

To make a military-style ghillie suit, get a standard camouflage battle dress uniform, attach netting to it, hand burlap straps on the netting and augment the suit with natural foliage. The basic materials needed include a BDU, a roll of black fishing net or similar sports backstop material, three tubes of Shoe Goo, 8 pounds of burlap and some dental floss with a needle and thread.

A standard camouflage BDU is inexpensive and commonly available at most army surplus stores. Unroll the netting, and cut four squares out of it, with two of them a little larger than the pants and the others a few inches bigger than the top. On one of the top pieces make sure and leave a section protruding from the top that is big enough to work as a poncho flap over your head.

Sew the netting to the uniform every few squares with the dental floss. Cover each sewn area with a liberal amount of Shoe Goo. Trim off any excess netting.

Separate natural colored burlap or gunny sacks into individual strands. A mixture of light and darker browns is preferred. Jute twine in natural colors works if no burlap is available. Group 10 to 15 strands and tie them to a square near the bottom of the suit so that they reach the cuff. Repeat the process around the suit, and then move upwards doing the same thing, making sure that each new set of strands overlaps the one beneath it.

The natural foliage should be added to the netting from the location where the ghillie suit is being used for the best match.