How Do You Make an Ice Fishing Shanty From Tarps?


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To make an ice fishing shanty from tarps, create a frame from plywood then staple the tarp to the frame. Use solid pieces of plywood for the front and back of the structure. Painting the plywood may help it last longer in severe weather conditions.

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When ice fishing, a shanty provides protection against the elements. To make a basic shanty, one only needs a jig saw, hinges, tarp, 2x2 boards that are eight feet long, plywood, staple gun, a hammer and nails.

  1. Make the frame
  2. Use one 4x8-foot piece of plywood for the front and one for the back of the shanty. Cut the jig saw to shape the top into an arc. Cut a door that is two feet wide and four feet high. Attach with the hinges. Use the hammer and nails to connect the two pieces of plywood with the 2x2 boards to finish the frame. Paint if desired.

  3. Attach the tarp
  4. Fold the tarp in half to find its center. Drape it evenly over the frame made in step one. Use the staple gun to securely attach the tarp to the frame. To decrease friction, cut an old garden hose in half and use it to cover the edges of the exposed plywood before attaching the tarp. To make moving the shanty easier, attach skis or plastic skids to the bottom.

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