How Do Make a Homemade Squirrel Call?


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To make a homemade squirrel call, first acquire the necessary tools and materials including scissors, a one-inch section of one and a half-inch thick PVC tube, two quarters, duct tape and cardboard. Then, cut two cardboard circles to cover each PVC hole, tape one circle to the PVC, stick the quarters in and tape the other cardboard circle to the PVC.

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Begin by cutting two cardboard circles that are the same diameter as the section of the PVC tube. Then, tape one of the circles to an end of the PVC using duct tape. Next, place two quarters into the PVC that now has one end sealed by a cardboard circle; two steel marbles can also be used. Finally, duct tape the other cardboard circle onto the uncovered hole of the PVC tube.

To use the squirrel call, simply shake the tube. The resulting effect is a quick chattering sound which is similar to the sound squirrels make when they are moving from tree branch to tree branch. To vary the effect, different shaking speeds can be used or one quarter of marble can be used instead of two. Additionally, a quarter and a marble can be used together. The goal is to find a sound that the squirrels respond to, which is typically a fast, repeating clicking sound.

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