How Do You Make Homemade Fishing Baits?

How Do You Make Homemade Fishing Baits?

Homemade fishing baits can be made by attaching raw bacon, cheese, hot dogs or chicken to a fishing hook. Other household foods that can be used as bait include bread, turkey liver, corn and fish.

Another way to make homemade bait is to crush flakes of cereal, moisten the flakes with water and form them into balls. Wheaties is a popular type of cereal for this method, and using red soda instead of water may help to attract fish.

Another way to make homemade fishing bait is to crumble digestive biscuits, add an odorous ingredient such as chicken liver or maggots, and mix both ingredients with water, keeping it thick enough to be formed into bait balls.

Carp are attracted to sweet baits. One way to attract carp is to make a bait by mixing torn up bread with corn bread mix and a can of cream corn. Torn up peanut butter sandwiches with bird seed can also be used to catch carp. Some mix grits and Kool-Aid, or bread and Jell-O, to make homemade carp bait.

It is important to check local regulations before using homemade baits, as cheese, corn or bread may not be allowed in some areas. Salmon and trout are the only foods that should not be used as bait, as they may spread parasites.