How Do You Make Homemade Deer Bait?

make-homemade-deer-bait Credit: Danita Delimont/Gallo Images/Getty Images

To make homemade deer bait, use a combination of peanut butter, corn, molasses, fruit and water to make the bait mixture. Place the mixture at those points where you want the deer to gather.

To make the homemade deer bait, first mix the corn, peanut butter and the fruit in any proportions as desired in a bowl or a bucket. Preferably, use fruits that are overripe or rotting, as these give out a more powerful aroma.

Then, add molasses, honey or sugar syrup to the dry mixture. This makes the mixture sticky and binds the ingredients together. Add some amount of water to dilute the sticky mixture so that it can be spread easily.

Next, apply a generous quantity of the mixture in all the required areas outdoors. Preferably, paint the deer bait at the eye level of the animals. Apply the mixture a little higher as this makes it easier to locate the deer. Also, spread the homemade bait on the stumps of trees and on the ground. Consider spreading the homemade bait upwind from areas that have lots of acorns, as this increases the probability of the deer catching the bait's aroma.

Before making a homemade deer bait, get to know if it is legal in your area by getting in touch with local hunting officials.