How Do You Make a Homemade Canoe Outrigger?


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To make a homemade canoe outrigger, use three 8-foot-long two-by-fours to build two vertical supports, one horizontal support and two outriggers. Join these with aluminum stud braces, and waterproof the assembly. Attach the outrigger to the canoe using C-clamps.

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Begin making a homemade canoe outrigger by measuring the canoe. To do this, load it fully, place it in the water, and note the distance between the water line and the top of one side. Use this measurement to cut two vertical supports from the lumber.

To build the outriggers, cut the lumber into two 3-foot-long pieces. Fashion one end of the pieces into a point and sand them. Sand the other end of each of the pieces to make them smooth. Next, make one horizontal support by cutting the lumber to a size equal to the canoe's width plus 4 feet.

To assemble the pieces, join the vertical supports to the bottom side of the horizontal support with aluminum stud braces. Attach the outriggers with their smooth sides facing downwards to the horizontal support in a similar manner. Stain or paint the outrigger assembly to make it waterproof. Finally, affix the assembly to the middle of the canoe with C-clamps.

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