How Do You Make a Cricket Phone Into a Hotspot for Free?

The ability to make a Cricket phone into a hotspot may be included in your rate plan if you are an original Cricket CDMA customer. Mobile hotspot and tethering options are not available for Cricket GSM customers.

Mobile hotspot, which was previously called Cricket Tethering, lets you use your phone as a Wi-Fi router to connect computers, tablets, music players, gaming systems and other devices to the Internet. Cricket allows up to five devices to connect to your phone when using mobile hotspot, as of April 2015. If mobile hotspot is not included in your rate plan, it can be purchased as an add-on for $10 per month. Any data used via hotspot is counted toward your monthly data allowance according to your rate plan.

Cricket devices with Android OS 2.2 or newer with portable Wi-Fi hotspot or USB tethering enabled are supported by Cricket mobile hotspot. If you do not have a plan that supports mobile hotspot and attempt to use your phone to access Wi-Fi without the Cricket's mobile hotspot service, Cricket notifies you when it detects tethering activities and request that you purchase the service. Cricket may interrupt data service or terminate all service if the unauthorized tethering continues.