What Are Some Major Products of the IMR Powder Company?


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The IMR Powder Company sells 15 kinds of smokeless powders, in addition to five white hot powders. The company also provides data manuals for tips on reloading, brand hats, and miscellaneous items such as funnel caps and mugs. Customers can download the PDF versions of safety data sheets for most IMR Powder Company products off their website.

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The IMR 4166 and IMR 4451 are two examples of IMR Powder Company's smokeless powders. These items are part of a new series, the Enduron Technology powders. The IMR 4166 features a copper fouling eliminator, no sensitivity to changing temperatures and comes from environmentally friendly products.

The IMR 7828 is better suited for larger magnums where customers want improved performance. IMR Powder Company recommends using this powder with the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum or the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum. Another magnum powder, the IMR 7828 SCC, offers 4 percent more powder space in cases, which often leads to increased velocity.

IMR Powder Company's pure power series for rifles offers five varieties based on personal preference. There are performance, accurate, easy load, clean and sure ignition powders for customers to choose from. The performance version offers the quickest loads, while the accurate powder produces better shot aim and consistency.

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