What Major Online Sites Feature Short Bed Campers for Sale?


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Some major websites that have short bed campers listed for sale include eBay.com, RVTrader.com and CampingWorld.com. The conditions of the campers available range from used to new at a price of $2,000 to $25,000.

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Truck campers come in long and short varieties, but they share many features in common. A truck camper is type of camper which is then attached to a standard pick-up truck. Truck campers usually have an area for eating, a sleeping compartment or bed, and areas for cooking and storage. Short bed campers are a type of truck camper designed for trucks with short beds.

The way a truck camper is attached to a pick-up truck differs depending on the mounting set up of the camper; however, all truck campers should be secured by tie-down straps or tension straps. This ensures the camper does not bounce or roll while in the bed of a truck during high winds, bumpy roads or trails. Moreover, these straps keep the camper from sliding out of the truck bed.

Truck campers are designed to stand freely when not installed using retractable legs. Truck campers may be loaded into the back of a truck by using built-in hand crank or electric lift systems, depending on the year of construction.

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