How Do You Maintain an Air Rifle?

Air rifles require regular lubrication and cleaning to stay in excellent working condition. The guns should be cleaned thoroughly after shooting and before long periods of storage. With the owner's manual, lubrication and a cleaning kit designed for the specific brand and model air rifle being maintained, an air rifle can be properly maintained in around an hour.

  1. Read the instruction manual for the air rifle

    The air rifle should be sold with an instruction manual that describes the exact maintenance steps needed to care for the air rifle. Read the instructions thoroughly before oiling or cleaning the rifle.

  2. Apply oil to the air rifle

    In general, 1 drop of oil or lubricant is applied to the CO2 cartridges, O-rings and pivot points. Apply only the amount of lubricant recommended, and avoid applying oil to any parts that are not specified in the owners manual. Too much oil prevents the air rifle from working properly.

  3. Clean the air rifle as needed

    Air rifles with metal barrels should be oiled regularly to prevent rust. Use a small amount of oil on a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe down the exterior and interior of the barrel. Oil any metal parts before storing the air rifle, and wipe down wooden stocks with a small amount of oil after use.