What was the lowest score in an NFL game?


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The lowest recorded score in a National Football League game is 2-0, which has occurred five times, as of December, 2014. A 2-0 score is the result of the winning team only scoring a safety, which is worth two points, while the other team fails to score any points.

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The first game to register a 2-0 score was a game between the Akron Pros and the Buffalo All-Americans on November 29, 1923, with the Pros coming out victorious. Other similar games include the Kansas City Cowboys defeating the Buffalo Rangers in 1926, the Frankford Yellow Jackets defeating the Green Bay packers in 1928, the Packers defeating the Chicago Bears in 1932 and the Bears returning the favor to the Packers on September 18, 1938, the last time a 2-0 occurred in the NFL.

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