How Do You Look up a Serial Number on a Browning 32 Caliber Pistol?

On Browning's website, the company provides a serial number look-up service for many of its guns that offers limited information about the Browning 32 caliber pistol. Browning also offers research services for some of its firearms.

The Browning 32 caliber pistol was introduced in 1968. Less than 1,000 were imported to the U.S before the firearm was discontinued, also in 1968.

For more extensive information, Browning researches a firearm and provides the owner with a historical letter that includes the firearm's date of manufacture, invoice number, original date of sale and description. Browning indicates this service is available for very old and newer guns resultant from how the companies records have been maintained. For more information, owners should contact Browning customer service and provide the model and serial number of the gun.

Browning provides contact information for its customer service department on the company website. Mouse over Support on the menu bar at the top of the web page and click on Contacts. Customer service information is listed at the top left of the table.

Browning also provides an owners manual for the 32 caliber pistol through its online manual ordering system. Serial number location information is provided in the manual for those that have trouble locating it on their pistol.