What Was the Longest Winning Streak in College Football History?

The Oklahoma Sooners hold the Division I title for the longest streak in college football, winning a total of 47 games from 1953 until losing to Notre Dame in 1957. The Sooners started the streak after a loss to the Fighting Irish and then went on to dominate the scoreboard for 1,500 days.

In Division III, the Mount Union Purple Raiders hold two different records for winning streaks: the first was between 1996 to 1999 with a 54-game streak and the second took place between 2000 to 2003, when they won 55 consecutive games. In total, the Raiders won 110 games in a row.

Florida State and North Dakota State, presently hold the distinction for having the longest losing streak in Division I, with a 31-game run with no wins for North Dakota and 23 games with no wins for Florida.

Notre Dame's Fighting Irish won four championships during the nine years between 1943 and 1949, clocking in with nine unbeaten seasons in the process. During this period, the Division I contender had a 3-year stretch where it didn't lose a game but tied twice, costing the team another championship in 1948. The next year they won their fourth title after a banner comeback year.