How Long Is a Full Timeout in Basketball?

In basketball, a full timeout is 100 seconds long. Each team can call up to six full timeouts per game.

A timeout term in basketball that describes a period of time where the gameplay and the clock stops. Both players and coaches can call timeouts. Players can call them to help get the game rolling after a dead ball, to stop inappropriate behavior from the opposing team or if he is about to fall out of bounds. Coaches can call timeouts to make substitutions, discuss strategy or to try to change the opposing team's strategy.

Teams often save several timeouts for the end of the game. They can use these to plan strategic shots and plays to score quickly at the end of the game. Using timeouts later in the game can also useful when the opposing team is making free throws and the clock is running low, as it can interrupt the gameplay and help run down the clock.

If a team has used all of its timeouts and calls a further timeout, it counts as a technical foul. This causes the opposing team to gain possession of the ball.

Aside from the six full regular timeouts, each team in a basketball game is also allowed to call one 20-second timeout.