What Locations Are Popular for Deer Hunting in South Dakota?

What Locations Are Popular for Deer Hunting in South Dakota?

Some popular locations for deer hunting in South Dakota include High Prairie Lodge and Outfitters, as well as Daybreak Ranch. Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. is another common location for hunting deer in South Dakota.

The High Prairie Lodge and Outfitters in South Dakota offers world-class whitetail deer hunts. The owner is Dave Ciani, who is renowned as one of the top 100 outfitters in North America. High Prairie Lodge offers bow and gun hunts. For the hunter's convenience, the lodge sets up tree stands and ground stands around the hunting grounds.

High Prairie Lodge also offers a river whitetail hunt near the Missouri River. The location provides on-site meals and lodging. The bucks on the hunting grounds are large, corn-fed and numerous.

South Dakota's Daybreak Ranch offers archery whitetail deer hunts. The ranch measures 8,000 acres, with 2,500 acres specifically set aside for hunting. The hunting grounds contain portable tree stands, tri-pod stands, ladder stands and elevated permanent stands. The ranch also utilizes blinds such as natural blinds and pit blinds.

Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc. offers archery-only whitetail deer hunts. Northern Plains provides lodging, meals and equipment such as stands, ground blinds, field transportation and field dressing. The lodge's hunting grounds include 30,000 acres of private land. The hunts provide a high-quality hunting experience that employs fair-chase rules and no high fences.