How Do You Find a Local Bicycle Repair Shop?

How Do You Find a Local Bicycle Repair Shop?

Customers can use a bicycle shop directory, such as the Dealer Finder provided by the National Bicycle Dealers Association to find a local bicycle shop that offers repairs. It is a good idea to call ahead before visiting any bike shop to confirm that they can make the needed fixes.

Use the following process to find a local bicycle repair shop.

  1. Go to the directory
  2. Visit the NBDA website and hover above the Resources tab. Click on Dealer Finder to open a small pop-up window.

  3. Search for a dealer
  4. Type in the ZIP Code to find the nearest dealer. The search results list should be organized from the closest to the furthest bike shops within that ZIP code. Call the dealer or check out their website, if available, to see about repair services.

  5. Search with Google Maps
  6. Go to Google Maps and enter in a search term, like "bike repair shop," on the text bar. Press the Search button next to it. Google Maps should automatically center on the computer user's geographic location based on their internet connection, so it will return a map with bike repair shops in the same region marked with pins.