How Do You Load a Glock?

All Glock pistols are loaded the same way but require different sized magazines and rounds. Loading a Glock pistol requires a Glock pistol, Glock magazine and the correct rounds to load into the magazine. Here are the steps to safely and effectively load any Glock pistol.

  1. Be safe when handling firearms

    Always assume all guns are loaded and ready to fire. Do not put any finger on the trigger until the sights are on a safe target. Make sure there is nothing behind the target that could be damaged or killed. Never aim a gun at anything that you don’t want to kill.

  2. Use the right magazine and round for the Glock being loaded

    Glock pistols come in many different calibers and sizes. It is very important to load the correct size round into the correct size magazine for the pistol you are loading. To determine what size round a particular Glock takes, look at the exposed part of the barrel on the top of the gun. It should be stamped with a caliber size such as 45 AUTO or 9x19. A genuine Glock magazine will be stamped with the caliber size on the back of the magazine. The bullet caliber will be stamped on the back of the round, the widest part of the round, encircling the primer.

  3. Load the rounds into the magazine

    Firmly hold the magazine upright in one hand with the back of the magazine facing the palm of the hand, and the magazine opening facing upwards. The rounds must be loaded into the magazine horizontally, on their side, not vertically. With the free hand, set one round on top of the magazine so it covers about half of the opening. With the thumb of the hand holding the magazine, push down on the round and pull it back until it is firmly seated. Continue this process until the magazine is full and will not accept anymore rounds.

  4. Load the magazine into the pistol

    Hold the pistol in one hand and the loaded magazine in the other. Insert the magazine into the bottom of the pistol with the front of the rounds facing the front of the pistol. Quickly and assertively slide the magazine up into the pistol until you hear a “click.” Give a slight tug on the bottom of the magazine to unsure it is properly loaded into the pistol and won’t fall out.

  5. Load a round into the barrel of the Glock

    Hold the Glock firmly in the shooting hand. Wrap the free hand around the top of the pistol, tightly holding the serrated part at the rear of the slide. Assertively pull the slide back towards the rear of the pistol until it stops. Let go of the slide quickly so it can move forward and effectively load a round into the barrel. The Glock is now fully loaded and ready to fire.