What Is the Load Data for the Remington 22-250?


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Load data for the Remington 22-250 can vary depending on the type of powder and bullet casings used. The load data is used to help gun users and bullet makers determine how much grain and what size bullets will work best for the application they are creating bullets for. These types of bullets are normally used to hunt everything from varmints like groundhogs to big game like white-tailed deer.

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The grain capacity for Remington 22-250 bullets can run between 34 grains of powder up to 64 grains. Each individual load out gives different results. The different kinds of powders that are used in each size load also have a different effect in each bullet. A 35-grain bullet, loaded with RL15 powder with a max of 39 grains will give a 99 percent load density. If that same combination is put into a 40-grain bullet the max is reduced to 37 grains and only gives 90 percent accuracy. It is best to go by manufacturers' load data for their bullets because they will often have data for multiple types of powders, saving the person putting the bullets together a lot of time and money. Using this test information prevents the need to buy multiple types of powders and wasting casings on load outs that do not give good results.

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