How Do You Load a .35 Caliber Remington?

How Do You Load a .35 Caliber Remington?

To load a .35 caliber Remington, clear a safe space to work, set up scales, dies and a reloading press and put the die in the reloading press. Insert the case into the press, weigh the powder on the scale and add the powder to the case as directed in the press user manual.

Loading a .35 caliber Remington involves using a reloading press. To reload this type of ammunition, run through the following steps.

  1. Set up the working area
  2. For safety's sake, it is very important to have a clean, clear working area. A stable table or bench is also essential.

  3. Set up the reloading press
  4. Different reloading presses involve different setups. There are three general kinds of presses available. Single stage presses are simple tools that can hold a single die at a time. Turret presses can hold four to five dies at once, and works them into bullets in stages. As bullets usually require three to five different dies to load, this can be handy. Progressive presses are complicated tools that can hold several dies and load a bullet in one round. Each individual press model involves different die loading specifications, so it is important to consult the product's user manual. Load the dies into the tool as directed.

  5. Insert the casing
  6. Insert the bullet casing into the press as directed in the press manual.

  7. Weigh the powder
  8. Use a scale to weigh the powder. The exact amount of powder depends on a number of factors, such as the powder manufacturer and powder type. Load data is available on the Load Data website, a comprehensive online manual for reloading bullets.

  9. Load the bullet
  10. For the complete loading process, consult the press user manual. Different presses involve different steps for inserting the powder, loading the dies into the bullets and sealing the bullets.