What Is a List of Items Needed for Camping?


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A supply list for camping typically includes a tent, blankets, extra clothing, towels, and an axe or other tools to chop firewood. Also required are flashlights with extra batteries, food and a cooler. Ice and extra water are recommended for warm-weather camping. Consider the weather, the availability of supplies and whether potable water is supplied at the campsite when determining what to bring on a camping trip.

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In addition to basic supplies, such as food and water, most camping checklists also include food storage items, such as sealable plastic bags, and items to wash dishes after cooking. Bring pots and pans to prepare food, and take garbage bags, aluminum foil, lidded containers, plates and silverware to aid in preparing food, eating and cleaning up after meals. If potable water is available, bring containers to carry water back to the campsite from the faucet.

During cool weather, bring extra socks, several changes of warm clothing and hiking boots. A basic first aid kit is also recommended. Sunscreen, lip balm and personal hygiene items are also necessities when spending time outdoors. When camping in rugged areas, bring water purification tablets and a water filter to ensure potable water is available.

For short camping trips, focus on bringing the basic necessary supplies, such as food, water, shelter and clothing. If the campground is near a store, pick up forgotten and highly perishable items, such as ice, after arriving at the campground.

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