What Are Some Lesson Plans for Pickleball?


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A middle school level pickleball lesson plan from the Alabama Learning Exchange website begins with a slideshow presentation from the teacher. Students research the sport online and produce a newsletter that discusses the rules, equipment and history. The plan ends with students learning pickleball skills and taking part in matches.

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The procedures and activities in the plan include allocating computer time to work on the newsletter, and introducing various aspects of gameplay to the students. Once the newsletters are complete and students have practiced the game moves, the class holds a pickleball tournament. Also included in the lesson plan are primary and secondary learning objectives, as well as assessment strategies for the teacher. Students are assessed according to a written test, their newsletters, their pickleball skill and their participation.

Other lesson plans focus on aspects of playing the game, as opposed to background information. A lesson plan for pickleball skills is available at PECentral.org, and includes serve, groundstroke and volley practice. Teachers should make sure that students maintain a parallel stance at the no-volley line and keep their hands up in a neutral position. They should catch the ball with as little backswing as possible. The serving student should keep her opposite foot forward during the serve and drive and follow through to the opposite shoulder.

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