What Are Some Lesser-Known Facts About How to Attract Deer?


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Some lesser-known techniques to attract deer are covering human tracks from the area, not letting dogs roam the area and making artificial water sources. Other more common ways to attract deer are the use of baits and salt licks and adding deer food-bearing plants to an area.

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To prevent human scent from warning deer of the presence of a human predator, hunters can treat their clothes, boots and gloves with a masking agent, such as scents that mimic fox, raccoon, acorns, dirt or deer urine. Washing clothes and bathing with baking soda also remove the human scent.

Dogs threaten and harass deer, forcing them to run and burn precious energy that they need to fight cold and starvation. Farm owners can request that visitors and contractors prevent their dogs from roaming freely. Some county jurisdictions allow for the shooting of dogs that harass wildlife.

Rain turns artificially made depressions on the ground into water troughs that attract deer, especially during the dry season when their water needs peak. Their water requirements are lowest in the spring when rain is abundant and the foraging vegetation is laden with water.

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