How Do You Get a Lease From Weyerhaeuser Hunting Lands?

To get a lease from Weyerhaeuser Hunting Lands, create an account on the official website, log in and search through the available properties, reports the Weyerhaeuser Outdoor Recreational Leases User Guide. When you locate a suitable property, enter an online bid for its use. When your bid wins, use the online tools to create and sign a lease agreement, and pay the fee by check, e-check or credit card.

To create an account, go to the Weyerhaeuser Hunting Lands website main page, click on Create Account under Get Started, choose a username and password and fill in the account information, explains the Weyerhaeuser Outdoor Recreational Leases User Guide. Click to the next page, and fill in your hunting club information, as only hunting club contacts can bid on hunting properties. To search for properties, click on the green Search Available Properties tab, select the state in which you want to hunt, and select a specific Recreational License Unit, or RLU, number from the drop-down menu. A map shows available properties, and the search engine allows you to narrow the results by selecting a county or entering price and acreage parameters.

When you find the right property, click on Bid on This RLU, according to the Weyerhaeuser Outdoor Recreational Leases User Guide. The bidding screen shows the amount of time the bidding stays open and the minimum opening bid or the current high bid. Once you initiate bidding, your current bid may show submitted, outbid, which means someone bid higher than you, accepted or declined, which means that another hunting club leases the RLU. When you create a lease, check the information in the summary carefully before finishing the lease and submitting your signature.