How Do You Learn Taekwondo Patterns?


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Learn Taekwondo patterns by following the step-by-step procedures illustrated on Taekwondo-Information.org or the written and video instructions available on TaekwondoAnimals.com. TaekwondoAnimals.com has a larger database of patterns, including ITF patterns such as Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, Juche, Choi-Yong and Tong-Il, and WTF patterns such as Taegeuk Il Jang, Keumgang and Hansu.

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Taekwondo-information.org offers Web users access to step-by-step instructions on many basic Taekwondo patterns, including Ki Cho Il Bu, Ki Cho E Bu and Ki Cho Sam Bu, the three first patterns initiates typically learn. The website also offers a variety of WTF and ITF patterns, explaining that WTF patterns are designed for Taekwondo as a fighting style, while ITF patterns are more traditional in origin. As a result, WTF patterns tend to use short stances and fast techniques, while ITF patterns use long stances and strong, deliberate moves. The website also offers instruction on traditional Tang Soo Do forms, which are part of another traditional form of Taekwondo.

TaekwondoAnimals.com offers videos illustrating eight WTF Taekwondo forms and an additional eight WTF Taekwondo forms for black belts. The website also offers similar instructional materials for 24 different ITF patterns and features sections focused on helping students improve physical fitness through strength training, speed training and appropriate stretching. The site also features tips on how to effectively prepare for the black belt test.

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