How Do You Learn to Ride a Unicycle?


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To learn to ride a unicycle, make sure to have the proper safety gear, locate a flat open safe space to practice, identify the front and back ends of the unicycle, and adjust the unicycle seat to the proper height. Take a seat and keep shoulders squared to the intended direction. Use a curb to prop the back wheel against for support then slowly and steadily lean forward utilizing the momentum to propel forward.

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The height of the unicycle seat should be set so that when a pedal is at its lowest point, the riders leg should be almost perfectly straight. When starting to ride the unicycle, pedals should be at the four o'clock and 10 o'clock positions, which allows optimal controllable leverage when pedaling forward. It can be helpful and safe to practice with the unicycle by a handrail for added support.

When seated on the unicycle and leaning forward slightly, it feels like it is falling forward. Rather than catching the unicycle and attempting to remain centrally balanced, allow the unicycle to fall forward and pedal forward to catch up with the wheels. This balance between allowing the unicycle to fall forward, using that momentum and pedaling to keep the wheels underneath the vehicle drives the majority of unicycle movement.

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