What Do You Learn in Motocross Lessons?


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Motocross lessons cover basic riding skills and responsible riding practices, including risk management and environmental awareness. Lessons work to improve mental conditioning, physical conditioning and safety techniques. Additionally, lessons teach methods to enhance riding skills. Lessons teach the proper mechanics for working out to avoid injury during or after competition.

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What Do You Learn in Motocross Lessons?
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Mental conditioning teaches how to keep the focus on the competition, allowing students to perform better both in motocross and as an athlete. Additionally, basic safety principles are reviewed in lessons. This also covers how to recover from a crash, how to prevent a crash from occurring and tips on how to prepare the body if a crash occurs.

Lesson range from basic to advanced, with basic training including items such as starting the bike, riding position and braking. Advanced training include topics such as passing, wheeling obstacles and whoops.

Other items covered in basic training are a review of the controls, basic cornering, riding uphill and downhill and basic maintenance. Other items covered in the advanced training are starts, travelling on different surfaces, such as hard pack, mud, sand, ruts and loam, and interval training. Jumping concepts, high speed and technical corners and eating to win are also covered in advanced training.

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