How Do Learn to Ice Skate?


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To learn ice skating, move around the rink while holding onto the railing, then move away from the rail. Practice basic movements, such as the dip, gliding on two feet and stopping. A beginner should also practice falling down and getting back up.

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Get ice skates that fit properly. Stand on solid ground while wearing skates, and lean on each side to get used to balancing. Dips are performed by squatting down as far as possible. Practice dips on solid ground, then on the ice. When you feel comfortable enough, start to practice dips while gliding. Staying low during skating improves balance.

Practicing falls helps build confidence and prepares skaters for the inevitable. To get up from a fall, put both hands between the feet and push up. Use the toe picks on the skates for stability. Practice gliding by stepping forward, then gliding on the ice through forward momentum. Gradually increase gliding distance, eventually progressing to pushing with the rear leg while gliding on the forward leg. Pushing at a 45-degree angle generates more power than pushing straight back.

Stop by pushing the feet apart and digging the flat of the blades into the ice. A coach or a figure skating class can be helpful. A beginner can watch technique videos to learn proper form more quickly.

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